Naganuma Kozo Sculpture Gallery

Artworks by the Nagai sculptor Kozo Naganuma are on display.


[OPEN] 10:00 - 17:00 (last admission 16:30)

[CLORSED] Monday, last day of the month (if Monday is a holiday, the museum will be open and the next day will be closed.), winter (December 29 to march 31).

[ADDMISSON] adult : 300yen / high school students : 200yen / elementary and middle school students : 100yen (for groups of 20 or more people) adult : 240yen / high school students : 160yen / elementary and middle school students : 80yen 


In Progress (Japanese)


 The Naganuma Kozo Sculpture Gallery is located at the corner of the Marudai-Ogiya estate, where he was born.  This gallery has about 800 artworks from various times of his career.  He did not pursue realism-based Western style sculpting, but instead tried to create sculptures deepening traditional ways unique to Japan.  In order to do research on them, he collected about 790 folk-art toys from all over Japan and various parts of the world.  The collection is also kept in this gallery.

Naganuma Kozo
Naganuma Kozo 1908-1993



Kozo Naganuma was born into a merchant family whose trade name was Marudai-Ogiya in Nagai City in 1908.  He graduated from Tokyo Art School, predecessor of the present Tokyo University of the Arts, in 1931.  Under the influence of the modernist movement in the early Showa Era, he created experimental sculptures and was considered an energetic leading figure of modern representational sculpture.  His artworks show his struggles to create forms based on a unique Japanese sense of design.  The ceaseless undercurrent of his works is humanity, and his sculpture “Mother and Children” is a typical example of this trait.


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